I'm Philippa.

In 2005, inspired by the beauty of the coastal Cornish landscape, I moved to Cornwall and started to paint seriously. I am a self-taught artist and was lucky to be part of the Portscatho Society of Artists whilst I was living in Cornwall. Being part of the artist community there meant I was able to work alongside some excellent artists and teachers, being fortunate enough to soak up my surroundings whilst at the same time discovering new methods which provided me the core foundations to paint. Through exploration and personal expression I have over time developed these techniques, and as my influences continue to evolve, the style of the work I create ever becomes more reflective of my own life and experiences. Having always drawn, and still do, I experimented going from pencil and paper to charcoal, ink and watercolour and on to oils, which meant that the freedom of being able to move paint around, to scrape and layer at differing stages of wet to dry and depth and richness of colour opened up a new world to me.




Children's Nurse


Adult Nurse


Art Club Leader

St Gerrans School


Began Art Career


Artist in Residence

Gorringe Park School, Mitcham


Volunteer reading Assistant and Artist

Gerrans Primary School, Cornwall



Group En Plein Air Show

The New Gallery, Portscatho


Spring Open Exhibition

St Ives Society of Artists


Drawing and Ceramics Open Exhibition

St Ives Society of Artists 


Christmas Open Exhibition

St Ives Society of Artists 




Much of my work is deeply influenced by my love of nature, especially the changing mood of the sea, hedgerows springing to life and flowers in particular. Paintings of flowers are sometimes nature studies whilst, those in the still lifes are about my memories of people and events or just about taking a piece of the wildness outside and bringing it in. My seascapes and harbours reflect time spent on the coastal paths and depict not a precise moment but ever changing scenes over a passage of time.


Most works involve thick paint in places, the building up of layers and then editing and scraping allow the undersurfaces to show through giving texture and with the addition of glazes they become richly coloured too. Having a few works on the go at any one time allows me time to reflect on what I am doing and what I am hoping to achieve, being keen to experiment means that my paintings maintain a freshness about them.



Philippa Savage

The First Ten Years

The St Ives Printing and Publishing Company 2015

Sarah Adie

Interview with the Artist; Philippa Savage


The Mayne Gallery 2016



The Mayne Gallery, Kingsbridge, Devon


The New Gallery, Portscatho, Cornwall



Diploma in Trauma and Mental Health Informed Schools (Practitioner Status). Trauma Informed UK Schools and The Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education 2020

Advanced Safeguarding Children (Level 2). 2019


Foundation in Art Therapy. British Association of Art Therapists 2019


Certificate in Counselling Studies (Level 3). Counselling & Psychotherapy Central Award

Body 2019


First Aid and Emergency Life Support. Heartstart Cornwall Fire & Rescue Service 2019


Certificate in Counselling Skills (Level 2). Counselling & Psychotherapy Central Award

Body 2019


Setting up an Art Club. Family Learning in Cornwall 2008